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Size matter- Left or Right?

December 11, 2010

It’s a fact: people worldwide, and not just men, idolize big breasts. Every year, women spend millions of dollars on breast implants, cosmetic procedures to improve their breasts, breast enlargement pills, pumps and creams.

Considering the role that big breasts play in our culture and society, the amount time, energy, money and emotion that goes into breast enlargement seems justified.

Give me your vote – What do you prefer – Left or Right?


Amniotic Fluid Leaking During Pregnancy

June 15, 2010

Amniotic fluid is the liquid that surrounds the fetus during pregnancy. It protects the unborn child as well as helps to provide the essential nutrients it needs while it is inside of the mother. The amniotic fluid will start producing around the fetus after two weeks of pregnancy and will continue to grow until the baby is born. Doctors will measure the amount of fluid that the amniotic sac contains with an ultrasound and by using a tape measure across the mother’s stomach.

Amniotic sac, which holds the fluid and baby, will usually rupture when the pregnancy is at 40 weeks. There are circumstances that may lead to a slight leakage of these fluids before the pregnancy has come to term. These leaks can be caused by small tears in the amniotic sac. These do happen and will tend to heal themselves over time. There are other times when this fluid will leak and it can lead to serious problems for the unborn child as well as for the mother. Infection can easily start to grow when it is left exposed, the tear in the amniotic sac allows bacteria and other toxins to enter into the sac, and this can cause serious health issues for the unborn child. Heavy leaking of the fluids can also lead a pregnancy into pre-term labor. Since pregnancies cause women to have weakened bladders it is easy for the mother to be to think amniotic fluids are leaking when it is actually urine. If a leak is suspected the pregnant mother should speak with their physician right away. The women’s health care professional will often have the pregnant mother wear pads or even panty liners during this time. There are new panty liners on the market today that will detect what type of fluid is actually leaking. (Home tests for detecting vaginal infections, amniotic fluid leakage)

These women should also consult their doctor if there is color to the leak. Brown, green or pink tinged discharge can be a cause for alarm.

Low amounts of amniotic fluid can pose other threats to the mother and baby. If the fluid does not replenish itself correctly the baby will not develop correctly. The fluids that surround the baby flow through its body and back out through their urine. When the fluid is inside of the fetus it helps the lungs and other organs to grow and develop correctly. Low levels of fluid can also cause the unborn fetus to develop abnormal shortening of muscle tissue in the limbs as well as clubbing of the feet and hands.