Size matter- Left or Right?

It’s a fact: people worldwide, and not just men, idolize big breasts. Every year, women spend millions of dollars on breast implants, cosmetic procedures to improve their breasts, breast enlargement pills, pumps and creams.

Considering the role that big breasts play in our culture and society, the amount time, energy, money and emotion that goes into breast enlargement seems justified.

Give me your vote – What do you prefer – Left or Right?


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9 Responses to “Size matter- Left or Right?”

  1. Vicky Says:

    I love curves, so I’ll choose right ones.

  2. Mark Says:

    Left I prefre the real imagines and not photoshopped ones

  3. mike Says:

    It depends on the woman. Some look great with big boobs. Some look silly with big boobs. Plus I personally don’t like artificial boobs. Natural is my preference. Big natural drives me nuts.;)

  4. Largo Says:

    Natural all the way

  5. Guillaume Says:

    I choose left!

  6. Michael Says:


  7. Intensze Says:

    Definitely the left – Natural lover!

  8. dhjones Says:

    Left all the way!

  9. Michael Says:


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