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Monaco luxury Yacht

April 20, 2010

Monaco and especially Monte-Carlo is a wonderful place to visit right now. The weather is great for going to the beach as well as just walking around.
Tulips in the streets of Monte-Carlo
Flowers are everywhere – Tulips in the streets and a great marina hosting luxury yachts from all over the world.
Marina view Monte-Carlo
The following pictures are of one of the biggest yachts in the world with enormous dimensions: 150 fits X 120 fits.

The yacht with area of 34000 square fits, with seating for 12 passengers and 20 crew is a “green” Yacht.

Using 9000 square fits sloar panels saves 25% of fuel consumption and 50% of electricity consumption on board.

Maximum luxury: Three decks, a 75 fit pool, a spa with hammam, sauna, gym and massage room, a music room, a dining room, a cinema, sun decks, suites, terraces, a lounge.

The suite of the owner: an area of 2000 Square fits and completely covers the third deck. (This is the bedroom) The sea view is great and there is a private terrace of 75 fits long. I like to have one like it:)


A lawyer and a stunning blond

April 3, 2010

A prosperous lawyer missed his flight back home and had to stay the night away.

stunning blond

He went down to the local bar and after few drinks he felt somewhat passionate. Next to him was beautiful well-proportioned figure blond and he proposed to her to spend the night with him for $1000.

When he was ready to leave the next morning, he told her he didn’t have that much money in cash, but would have his secretary mail her a check for it, made out with a memo of RENT FOR APARTMENT, to avoid any embarrassment.

However, on the way to the office, after thinking carefully, he decided the night hadn’t been worth what he’d agreed to pay. As a result, he had his secretary send a check for $500 instead, and enclosed the following explanatory note:
Dear Madam:
“Enclosed is a cheque for the amount of $500 for rent on your apartment. I am sending this amount instead of the amount originally agreed upon, because when I rented this apartment, I was under the impression that:

1. It had never been occupied
2. There was plenty of heat
3. It was tight and small

Last night, I found that it had been occupied many times, that there wasn’t any heat, and that it was entirely too large!”

Upon receipt of the note, the Blond immediately returned the check, with her note:
“I am returning the cheque for $500. I cannot understand how you could expect such a beautiful apartment to remain unoccupied. As for the heat… there is plenty of it there if you know how to turn it on. As for the size, it’s not my fault if you didn’t have enough furniture to furnish it.